Tristan Saralidze



Was born in 1956.

Graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty.
In 1978-79 he worked at Rustavi Theatre.

Since 1980 he has been Shota Rustaveli Professional State Drama Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following:

ოკეანე (ესქილე “მიჯაჭვული პრომეთე”, რეჟისორი – რ. სტურუა)

მეჩირაღდნე (ანტუან დე სენტ-ეგზიუპერი “პატარა უფლისწული”, რეჟისორი – ნ. საბაშვილი)

Joker ( T.Chiladze “A Role for the Apprentice Actress”, directed by R.Sturua)

Levan (T.Metreveli “Mad, Mad…New Year”, directed by R. Chkhaidze)

Owner of the bank, President, Actor (M. Javakhishvili “Kvachi Kvachantiradze”, directed by A. Varsimashvili)

Alcoholic, lame, player on accordion (B.Brecht “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, directed by R.Sturua)

Murderer (Shakespeare “King Lear”, directed by R. Sturua)

Gocha ( I. Samsonadze “Easter Sunday at the Closed Cemetery”, directed by G. Tavadze, G. Barabadze)

Citizen, soldier (P. Calderon de la Barca “La Vida es Sueno”, directed by R. Sturua)

Cheishvili (N. Dumbadze “An Accusation”, directed by R. Sturua)

Policeman ( B. Brecht’s “The Good Woman of Setzuan,” director - R. Sturua)

Murderer (Shakespeare “Macbeth”, directed by R.Sturua)

Guard (H. Levin “The Open-Mouthed”, composer and director - D. Sakvarelidze)

Gela ( L. Tabukashvili “What if the Wet Lilac is Wet”, directed by R.Sturua, D. Khinikadze)

  • Qavtar (Gr. Robakidze “Lamara”, directed by R. Sturua)
  • Shakro, Moses (I. Tchavtchavadze’s “Is He a Human this Man?!” directors - R. Sturua, A. Enukidze)
  • Soldier (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Christmas Night or What you Will,” director - R. Sturua)
  • Lado (I.Samsonadze “Sad, Sweet Scent of Vanilla”, directed by R.Sturua, A.Enukidze)
  • Chief leader of savory world (Archil Sulakauri “Salamura”, staging director - R.Sturua, directed by R.Chkhaidze, D.Kvirtskhalia)
  • The tenth jury (R. Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men,” staging director - Robert Sturua, director - Revaz Chkhaidze)
  • ლორდი სენტ ჯონი (მ. ტვენი ,,უფლისწული და მათხოვარი”, რეჟისორი – ნიკოლოზ ჰაინე-შველიძე)

Other performances: “King Lear”, “Jackob’s Gospel”, “Styx”, “ჯადოსნური ღამე”, “შობა ტიფლისში”, “ბედი ქართლისა”, “საახალწლო ნობათი”.

His roles performed at Rustavi Theatre are the following:

  • Badri (There’s spring beyond the shutters”), peasant man (Gvirgvliani Family)
  • He also performed in a play “A provincial Tale” at Liberty Theatre

His film credits are the following:
“Migration of Sparrows” (directed by T.Babluani”), “Everybody wants to love”, G. Shengelaia), “Loma, A forgotten Friend”, directed by B. Rachvelishvili), “Robber from a Brick Factory”, directed by G.Mataradze), “A Smith” (directed by B.Chkheidze), “Cowboy” (directed by A. Shanshiashvili), “Human Sadness” (directed by G. Chokheli), “The Super fast in the world” (directed by G. Mataradze), “Mr. Adventurers” (directed by B. Chkheidze), “Khareba and Gogia” (directed by G. Shengelaia), “Peitar” (directed by A. Shanshiashvili), “The Well” (directed by A.Charkviani), “Louisa” (directed by V. Kvachadze), “Revelation” (directed by G. Mataradze), “A Noble One” (directed by V. Kvachadze), “ Life of Don Quixote and Sancho” (directed by R. Chkheidze), “Lolita” (directed by R. Giorgobiani) “The Gospel of Like” (directed by G. Chokheli), “Cavalries of Solitude” (directed by A. Tsabadze), “Chained Knights” (directed by G.Chokheli), “Love in the Vineyard” (directed by G.Shengelaia), “My First Love” (directed by S. Jachvliani), “Love and Potato” (directed by N. Giunashvili), “The Chair” (directed by L.Bzvaneli), “And the Train was Going” (directed by G. Shengelaia), “Tedo” (directed by A. Shanshiashvili), “The Deal” (directed by Z. Kolelishvili), “Seizing Him was Ordered” (directed by V.Zhivolub), “Escape Until the End of Time”, “Lithuanian Transit”, (directed by Cubilas) and so forth.

He also participated in a television program “Zone of Laughs”.

In 2010 he was awarded by the title of “Honorary Citizen of Borjomi”.

Media & awards

he was awarded by the title of “Honorary Citizen of Borjomi”.