Soso Abramashvili




Was born in 1944.

In 1965 Graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty

In 1965-66 He was in Kote Marjanishvili Drama Theater

in 1967-68 He worked in Giorgi Eristavi Georgian State Drama Theater in Gori He’s actor in Shota Rustaveli National Theater Since 1968

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following:

  • Lasha (G. Nakhutsrishvili ,,Chinchraqa”, Directed By – M. Tumanishvili),
  • Gurami (T. Chiladze ,,An Unexpected Guest”, Directed By – T. Chkheidze),
  • Benvolio (Shakespeare ,,Romeo and Juliet”, Directed By – G. Kavtaradze),
  • Lado (R. Tabukashvili ,,Secretary of Raikom”, Directors – R. Sturua, G. Kavtaradze),
  • Kostaia (D. Kldiashvili ,,Samanishvili Stepmother”, Directors – T. Chkheidze, R. Sturua),
  • Shepherd (B. Brecht ,,The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, Directed By – R. Sturua),
  • Niko (M. Javakhishvili ,,A Woman’s Burden”, Directed By – T. Chkheidze),
  • Shalva (Vazha-Pshavela ,,Cut Off”, Directed By – A. Chkhartishvili),
  • Sidorov (M. Javakhishvili ,,Kvachi Kvachantiradze”, Directed By – A. Varsimashvili),
  • Nestori (D. Kldiashvili ,,Irine’s Happiness”, Directed By – A. Enukidze),
  • Executor (H. Levin ,,Open-Mouth”, Composer and Director – D. Sakvarelidze),
  • Juror #1 (R. Rose ,,,Twelve Angry Men”, Directors – R. Sturua, R. Chkhaidze),
  • Cooker (A. Sulakauri ,,Salamura’’, Executive Director – R. Sturua, Directors – R. Chkhaidze, D. Kvirtskhalia).
  • • Notary (William Nicholson “Hope Gap”, Author of Staging and Director – Davit Turkiashvili)
  • Participated (Maro Madoian-Alajajian “Live, while you are Alive”, Directed By – H. Ghazanchian)

Other performances: “One Hundred Ergas Day“, “Jackob’s Gospel”, “Twelfth Night”, “Styx”.

Her film credits are the following:

“Maia Tsneteli” (Directed By – R. Chkheidze), “Treasure” (Directed By – R. Chkheidze), “Sinner Angel” (Directed By – G. Kazanski) etc.

Participated in television series: “Midtown”, “The Neighbours”, “Girl from Suburbs”.

Media & awards