Beso Zanguri




Was Born in 1981.

Graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting Faculty.

Since 2004 he has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები:

President (L. Bughadze ,,Soldier, Love, Security Guard and . . . President’’, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Claudius (Shakespeare ,,Hamlet’’, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Jerome (A. Nothomb ,,The Enemy’s Cosmetique’’, Directed By – R. Sturua), Andro (T. Chiladze ,,The Bird Of The Marsh Died’’, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Schmitz (M. Frisch ,,The Fire Raisers’’, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Brutus (William Shakespeare ,,Julius Caesar”, Directed By – Robert Sturua),

King – Cinderella(Directed By- Robert Sturua)

Aegisthus – Electra (Sophocles, Directed By – Grigoris Karantinakis)

Dachi -Somewhere, Over the Rainbow… (Lasha Tabukashvili, Directed By – Robert Sturua)

Other performances: ,,Stix’’, ,,The Fate Of Kartli”.

The Main Character (Sarah Kane “Psychosis 4.48“, Directed By – Kita Rokva)

Aegisthus (Sophocles “Electra”, Executive Director – Grigoris Karantinakis, Director – Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze)

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