Davit Uplisashvili




Was Born In 1946.

Graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty.

Since 1968 he has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre Artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები:  

Bardghunia (L. Kiacheli “Gvadi Bigva”, For this role Mikheil Tumanishvili invited him in Shota Rustaveli Theatre while he was student on third course in theatre university),

Lakia (Moliere “The Alienated Peasant”, Directed By – G. Jordania),

Mito (P. Kakabadze “The Peasant Wedding”, Directed By – M. Tumanishvili),

Secretary (P.Kakabadze “Kvarkvare”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Milk man (M. Eliozishvili “Old Mezurneebi”, Directed by – A. Chkhartishvili),

Tybalt (Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”, Directed By – G. Kavtaradze),

Chinchraka (G. Naxucrishvili “Chinchraka”, Directed By – M. Tumanishvili),

Bochiko (R. Tabukashvili “Secretary of Raikom”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Doctor, II Vekil (B. Brecht “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Enobarbus (Shakespeare “Antony and Cleopatra”, Directed By – T. Tumanishvili),

Merab (R.Sturua, L. Popkhadze, A. Varsimashvili “Variations on a Modern Theme”, Directors – R. Sturua, A. Varsimashvili),

Bald (L.Tabukashvili “Mimino is Tamed”, Directed By – A. Varsimashvili),

Drunk Citizen (R. Ibragimbekov “Funeral in California”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Chonta (Vazha-Pshavela “Cut Off”, Directed By – A. Varsimashvili),

Aleko (V.Sikharulidze “Suburb Lonely House”, Directed By – G. Sikharulidze),

Mister Lavrenti (D. Turashvili “Dialogues for a two-act play”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

The doctor (A. Chekhov “Ward 16”, Directed By – D. Andghuladze),

King Basilios Servant, Citizen (Calderon De La Barca “Life is a Dream”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Husband (B. Brecht “The Good Person of Szechwan”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Lennox (Shakespeare “Macbeth”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Hidir (G. Robakidze “Lamara”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Bidzina (I. Samsonadze “Where it flows deep”, Directed by – G. Tavadze),

Mister Nestor (T. Chiladze “Viewing Tree”, Directors – R. Sturua, G. Tavadze),

Russian Officer (I. Chavchavadze “Is He Human, This man?!” Directed By – R. Sturua, A. Enukidze),

Potso (S. Beckett “Waiting for Godot”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Noshrevani (I. Samsonadze “A Sweet, Sad Scent of Vanilla”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Ghoro (L. Bughadze “Spiritual Beings”, Directed By – D. Sakvarelidze),

Owner of Shelter, Mister Grimwig, Fisherman (L. Bart “Oliver!”, By The Story Of C. Dickens “Oliver Twist” , Directed By – D. Sakvarelidze),

Colonel Kottwitz (H. Von Kleist “The Prince of Homburg“, Directed By – G. Gorgoshidze).

Stage Worker (Terrence McNally “Maria Callas. Lesson”, Directed By – Robert Sturua)

Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare “Julius Caesar”, Directed By – Robert Sturua).

Hamm (Samuel Beckett “Endgame” Directed By – Robert Sturua)

Karapet Dambaghov (G. Eristavi “The Miser” Author and Director of the script version – Gocha Kapanadze)

Participated (Aeschylus “Prometheus Bound”, Directed By – R. Sturua)

Participant of: : “Gospel of James” (By J. Gogebashvili “Mother Tongue”, directed By – R. Sturua).

He Has Been Filmed Filmed in Movies::
“Natvris Khe” (Directed By – T. Abuladze), “Bandit From Brick Factory” (Directed By – G. Mataradze), “Birthday” (Directed By – R. Ajogov), Television Series: “Hot Dog” (Directed By – Z. Urushadze), “Crying of Wolves” (Directed By – Z. Khalvashi),

Was Participant In in Telesivion Stagings: დადგმებში:
“The Hostages of jako” (Directed By – T. Chkheidze), “Doctor by Force” (Directed By – M. Tumanishvili), “A Woman with a Headscarf” (Directed By – M. Jaliashvili).

Participant of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Opera “Mithridates, King of Pontus” (Directed By – D. Sakvarelidze).

For Years He Worked With Directors: M. Tumanishvili, R. Sturua, T. Chkheidze, G. Kavtaradze, A. Varsimashvili, A. Enukidze, D. Sakvarelidze, G.Tavadze

Media & awards

Was Awarded For Azerbaijan SSR State Premium
Was Awarded For Honored Artist of Georgia
On The 27 March on the International Theatre Competition “2012 Best Theatrical Creation“ Were Awarded For “Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role“ (Colonel Kottwitz, Heinrich von Kleist “The Prince Of Homburg“)