Davit Darchia




Was born in 1968.

David Darchia was born in 1968. He graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty. Since graduation he has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები:

Sandro (L. Gersch’s “These free butterflies,” Directed By D. Mghebrishvili),

Open-mouthed (Hanoch Levin’s “Open-Mouthed,” Directed By D. Sakvarelidze),

Torghvai (G. Robakidze’s “Lamara,” Directed By R. Sturua),

Gio (L. Tabukashvili’s “Does it Matter if Wet Lilac is Wet?!” Directors R. Sturua, D. Khinikadze),

Paruskad (K. Gots “La Donna Serpente,” Directors R. Sturua, D. Sakvarelidze),

Vaso (T. Chiladze’s “An Attendance Day,” Directors R. Sturua, G. Tavadze),

Tedo, David (Knatsa) (I. Tchavtchavadze’s “Is He a Human this Man?!” Directors R. Sturua, A. Enukidze),

Laertes, tragedian (Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” Directed By R. Sturua),

Juror #7 (R. Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men,” Staging Director Robert Sturua, Director Revaz Chkhaidze),

Tsate (O. Chiladze’s “Tsate’s Red Boots,” Directed By G. Lortkipanidze),

Iago (K. Khodokian “Treaty on the Handkerchief,” Directed By A. Ghazanjyan),

Ucha (L. Bugadze’s “The Soul Beings,” Directed By D. Sakvarelidze), Mario (Max Frisch’s “Biedermann and Fire Raisers,” Directed By R. Sturua),

Anri Kukua (I. Samsonadze, G. Tavadze, “The Stoned Moon,” Directed By G. Tavadze),

Frank and Billie (D. Greg’s “Yellow Moon,” Directed By R. McBrin),

Mithridate’s son (W. A. Mozart “Mitridate, re di Ponto,” Directed By D. Sakvarelidze).

Fagin (L.Bart’s “Oliver!”, based on Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist!” , Directed By D.Sakvarelidze)

Participated In: “Stix”, “The Makropoulos Secret”, “Do We Look Now Like Refugees?!”, ,,I Will Come Soon As Rain”

Judge – Legalized Illegality (Bertolt Brecht, Directed By- Robert Sturua)

Thomas –Angry Bird (Basa Janikashvili, Directed By – Davit Sakvarelidze)

Unknown (E. Akhvlediani ,,Vano and Niko”, Directed By – Robert Sturua)

Stomil (S. Mrozek “Tango” Author and Director of the Stage Version – Giorgi Tavadze)


Other performances: ,,Fate of Kartli”.



Concertmaster (Terrence McNally, “Maria Callas. Master Class”, Directed By – R. Sturua, “Theatre Factory”).

Played In Movies: “Comedy of Mistakes”, „Ghosts of The Past“, “It Is Dawning Late”, “The Night of Tiny Stars”, “Aznif”, “Puppet City” etc.

He Has Been The Host of Various TV Projects.

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