Irakli Macharashvili




Was Born in 1964.  

Graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Drama faculty (Teacher G. Jordania.)

Since 1986 He has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist..                     

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები:

Bekina (D. Kldiashvili ,,Samanishvili’s Stepmother”, Directed By – G. Jordania),

Sasha (B. Vasilyev “Tonight It will be Windy”, Directed By – G. Jordania),

Lucius (Shakespeare “Titus Andronicus”, Directed By – A. Varsimashvili),

Mister Frank (F. Goodrich, A. Hackett ,,The Diary of Anne Frank”, Directed By G. Jordania),

Valerio (G. Buchner ,,Leonce and Lena”, Directed By – M. Kvaskhvadze),

Horatio (Shakespeare ,,Hamlet”, Directed By – G. Jordania),

Bobby Cretchet (,,Christmas Dream”),

Siko (M. Javakhishvili ,,Mususi”, Directed By – G. Jordania),

Pavle Rodamishvili (D. Kldiashvili ,,Irine’s Happiness”, Directed By – A. Enukidze),

III God (B. Brecht ,,The Good Person of Szechwan”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Mogve (Shakespeare ,,Twelfth night, or what you will”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

Juror #6 (R. Rose ,,Twelve Angry Men”, Directed By – R. Sturua, R. Chkhaidze),

Poet (O. Chiladze ,,Tsate’s Red Shoes”, Directed By – G. Lortkipanidze),

Doctor, Uncle (F. Marazzo ,,Egg”, Directed By – S. Mrevlishvili),

Policeman (M. Frisch ,,The Fire Raisers”, Directed By – R. Sturua),

The first Woodcutter, Priest (O. Wilde ,,The Star-Child”, Executive Director – R. Sturua, Director – D. Mghebrishvili),

Chief Frederick of Brandenburg (H. von Kleist “The Prince of Homburg”, Directed By – G. Gorgoshidze),

Foster (Sophocles “Electra”, Executive Director – Grigoris Karantinakis, Directed By – Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze).


Participated in: ,,Lamara’’, ,,The Gospel of James’’, ,,Stix’’, ,,The Fate of Kartli”.

In Griboedov Drama Theatre he Embodied Horatio (Shakespeare “Hamlet”, Directed By – A. Varsimashvili)

He Has Been Filmed Filmed in Movies:: ““The Story of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza”, “Playing with fire”, “Moscow Saga” (Mosfilm), “Heavy Sand” (Mosfilm).

Filmed in TV Series

Media & awards