Manana Gamtsemlidze




Was born in 1948.

She graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty.

Since 1968 she has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები:

Tsago (O.Ioseliani “While a Cart Has Not Swung Over”, Directed By M.Tumanishvili),

Gviristine (P.Kakabadze “A Wedding of the Kolkhoznik”, Directed By M.Tumanishvili),

Ismene (J. Racine’s “Fudre”, Directed By M.Tumanishvili),

Marika (T.Chiladze’s “Unexpected Guest”, Directed By T.Chkheidze),

Agraphina (Sh.Dadiani’s “The Old-Timers”, Directed By T.Chkheidze),

Amelia (F.Garcia’s “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”, Directed By T.Chkheidze),

Nona (V.Rozov’s “The Situation”, Directed By T.Chkheidze),

Aniko, Zhuzhuna (B.Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, Directed By R.Sturua),

Marta (M.Javakhishvili’s “Woman’s Destiny”, Directed By T.Chkheidze),

Octavia (Shakespeare’s “Antonius and Cleopatra”, Directed By T.Sumbatashvili),

Pepela (G.Sundukian “Pepo”, Directed By D.Aleksidze),

Nelly (T.Metreveli’s “Crazy, Crazy New Year”, Directed By R.Chkhaidze),

Wife from Kakheti (D.Turashvili’s “The Dialogues for the Play in Two Acts”, Directed By R.Sturua),

Elene (R.Kldiashvili’s “Ladies from Shorapani”, Directed By M.Kuchukidze),

Thoma’s Mother (T.Chiladze’s “The Attendance Day”, Directed By R.Sturua),

The Queen (A.Sulakauri’s “Salamura”, staging director _R.Sturua, directors_R.Chkhaidze, D.Kvirtskhalia),

Eliso (R.Harwood’s “The Old Jokers”, director _G.Kapanadze),

Sonna with belt (Z.Antonov’s “The Sun Eclipse in Georgia”, director_G.Kapanadze),

Tom’s Mother (M. Twain ,,The Prince and The Pauper”, Directed By – Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze)

Participant “Daughters” (Fantasy By The Polikarpe Kakabadze’s ,,Kakabadze’s Play”. Directed By – Robert Sturua)

Second Mother – Lysistrata (Lasha Bughadze, Directed By- Davit Sakvarelidze)

Solomon Lionidze (Tamar and Akaki Papava’s, ,,The Last Queen”, Directed By – Gocha Kapanadze)

Participated (Maro Madoian-Alajajian “Live, while you are Alive”, Directed By – H. Ghazanchian)

Media & awards

Honored Artist of Georgia