Marina Kakhiani




Was born in 1959.

In 1976, she graduated from V. Chabukiani State Choreographic School.

In 1980 She graduated from Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University Acting Faculty

Since 1980 she has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustavi Theatre are the following: 

Sapozhnikova (M. Shatrov “Blue Horses on Red Glass”, directed by R.Sturua),

Kity (R. Ibragimbekov “The Funeral in California” , directed by R.Sturua),

Daughter of the director (R. Sturua, A.Varsimashvili, L. Popkhadze “Variations on Modern Theme”, directed by R.Sturua),

Lola (L. Zorini “Romanian Comedy”, directed by G. Lortkipanize),

Mrs. Nato (T.Chiladze’s “Role for the Apprentice Actress”, directed by R.Sturua),

Eva Brown (M. Kvelesava “The Day of Hundred Ergasteriums”, directed by R. Sturua),

A Crush (A. Chichinadze, R. Sturua “Concerto for Two Violins Accompanied by Oriental Instuments”, directed by R. Sturua),

Cordelia (Shakespeare “King Lear”, directed by R. Sturua),

Rebeka Idelson (M. Javakhishvili “Kvachi Kvachantiradze”, directed by A. Varsimashvili),

Lida (I. Samsonadze “Easter Sunday at the Closed Cemetary”, directed by G.Tavadze, staged by R.Sturua),

Lavinia ( Shakespeare “Titus Andronicus”, directed by A. Varsimashvili),

Natela Abashvili (B. Brecht “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, directed by R. Sturua),

Bernarda Alba (F. Lorca “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”, directed by G. Kapanadze),

Shini (B. Brecht “The Good Woman of Setzuan”, directed by R.Sturua),

Marina (I. Samsonadze “Whereon There is a Shower of Tears”, directed by G. Tavadze),

Mariam Stuart (F. Schiller “Mary Stuart”, directed by G. Kapanadze),

კანცადე  Cancade (C. Gozzi “La Donna Serpente”, directed by R. Sturua, D. Sakvarelidze),

Clara (T. Chiladze “Attendance Day”, directed by R.Sturua, G. Tavadze),

Sutkneina (I.Chavchavadze “Is he a Human, This Man?!”, directed by R.Sturua, A. Enukidze),

Viola, Olivia (Shakespeare “As you will or the Twelfth Christmas Night”, directed by R. Sturua),

Tamila (L.Bughadze “Sould Beings”, directed by D. Sakvarelidze),

Alexandra (R. Harwood “Old Jokers”, directed by G. Kapanadze),

Elisabeth (N. Ordanov “Murder of Gonzago”, directed by G. Goshadze),

Khanuma (Z. Antonov “Sun Eclipse in Georgia”, directed by G. Kapanadze);

Stepmother – (,,Cinderella” Directed By- Robert Sturua).

Mrs. Brookson (Thomas Bernhard “The Theatre Maker – Der Theatermacher”, Directed By – Christian Papke)

Queen Mariam (Tamar and Akaki Papava’s, ,,The Last Queen”, Directed By – Gocha Kapanadze)

She also performed in “ASULNI (Ascended)” (Fantasy based on Polikarpe Kakabadze’s plays, directed by Robert Sturua)

Participant “Once… Only…”, Directed By – R. Sturua

Eleanor (S. Mrozek “Tango” Author and Director of the Stage Version – Giorgi Tavadze)

Participated (Maro Madoian-Alajajian “Live, while you are Alive”, Directed By – H. Ghazanchian)

Other performances: ,,A Magical Night”, ,,Christmas in Tiflisi”, ,,Fate Of Kartli”, “New Year’s Eve”.

She performed at Liberty Theatre:

(Medea (“Medea”, Euripide – G. Kapanadze))

She performed at Rustaveli Basement Theatre: ( Antonia (Dario Foe “Free Love”, directed by Ts. Kobiashvili))

She performed at Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre.
( Mamure (J. Marsan “Mamure”, directed by S. Nemsadze).

Her film credits are the following:
“Melodies of Vera” (directed by G. Shengelia), “Younger Sister” (directed by Z. Kakabadze), “Seven Short Stories about First Love” (directed by G. Mataradze), “Bandit from Brick Factory” (directed by G. Mataradze), “Yellow Bird” (directed by A. Darsavelidze), “Georgians in the Sky” (directed by O. Gvasalia), “The Fastest People in the World” (directed by G. Mataradze), “Let’s Talk” (directed by R. Giorgobiani), “Repentance” (Directed by T. Abuladze), “Revelation” (directed by G. Mataradze), “Life of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza”, directed by R. Chkheidze), “A Doll”, “The Gotten the Gate” (directed by G. Mataradze), “1001 Receipts by the cook in Love”(directed by N. Jorjadze), “Summer Same As 27 Lost Kisses” (directed by N. Jorjadze), “First Love” (directed by S. Jachvliani), “Invisible” (directed by K. Kakhabrishvili), “The Knight of the Solitude”(directed by A. Tsabadze), “Tenant from Nikoladze Street” (directed by M. Gulielmi);

Her credits in TV-series are the following:
“The House in the Suburbs”, “Drongo”, “Hot Dog”, “Taste of the Dust”, “Othello in Kakheti”, “Girl from the Suburbs”)  .

Media & awards

The award of theatre society “THE BEST YOUNG ACTRESS OF THE YEAR (Kity “The Funeral in California” , directed by R.Sturua),
The award of theatre society “THE BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR (Lida “Easter Sunday at the Closed Cemetary”, directed by G.Tavadze, staged by R.Sturua),
Critics prize “THE BEST TRAGIC ACTRESS ( Medea “MEDEA”, directed by G. Kapanadze),
International Festivalin Pakistan – Grand Prize (Bernada Alba “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”, directed by G. Kapanadze),
– F. Schiller’s International Festival in Weimar – Grand Prize (Mary Stuart “Mary Stuart”, directed by G. Kapanadze).