Nino Tarxan-Mouravi




Was Born in 1965.

She graduated from Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film acting faculty. In 1978-79 he worked at Rustavi Theatre.

Since 1986 she has been Shota Rustaveli National Theatre artist.

Roles performed at Rustaveli Theatre are the following: თეატრის სცენაზე განსახიერებული როლები 

Anne (F. Goodrich and A. Hackett’s “Anne Frank’s Diary,” director _ G. Zhordania),
Pelagia, Pisk, little Bekina (D. Kldiashvili’s “The Stepmother of Samanishvili,” director _ G. Zhordania),
Vike Luberetskaia (B. Vasiliev’s “The Night May Be Windy”, director _ G. Zhordania),
Ophelia (Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, director _ G. Zhordania),
Mother (H. Levin’s “The Open-Mouthed,” director _ D. Sakvarelidze),
Badri (K. Gots’ “La Donna Serpente”, directors _ R. Sturua, D. Sakvarelidze),
Dumb (A. Chekhov’s “Ward Six”, director _ D. Andguladze),
Tea (L. Tabukashvili’s “Does It Matter if Wet Lilac Is Wet...”, directors _ R. Sturua, D. Khinikadze),
Annabel (based on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Dream,” directors _ R. Sturua, L. Tsuladze, O. Egadze),
Gugula (T.Chiladze’s “An Attendance Day”, directors_R.Sturua, G.Tavadze)
Prostitute (B.Brecht’s “The Good Woman of Setzuan”, director_R.Sturua)
Viola (Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Christmas Night or What you Will”, director _ R. Sturua),
Tsitsino, Dentist’s assistant (L. Bugadze’s Soldier, Love, Bodyguard and… The President”, director _ R. Sturua),
Ilona (L. Bugadze’s “The Soul Beings”, director _ D. Sakvarelidze),
Mrs. Sowerberry(L.Bart’s “Oliver!”, based on Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist”, director_D.Sakvarelidze)
She has performed in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera “Mitridate Re di Ponto” (Director _ David Sakvarelidze).
Participated In: „Mother Tongue“, “Styx”, ,,I Will Come Soon As Rain”.
Nora –Angry Bird (Basa Janikashvili, Directed By – Davit Sakvarelidze)

Participated (Maro Madoian-Alajajian “Live, while you are Alive”, Directed By – H. Ghazanchian)


Her film credits are the following:

She has starred in the following movies: “The Step” (director _ A. Rekhviashvili), “Khareba and Gogia” (director _ G. Shengelaia), “Visitors” (director _ D. Tsintsadze), “It Is Cold” (director _ G. Barabadze), “The Premiere” (director _ G. Lortkipanidze), “Harmless” (director _ A. Varsimashvili), “Forerunner” (director _ Kvachadze), “27 Stolen Kisses” (director _ N. Jorjadze), “Crossroad” (director _ L. Kitia), “Lamp Light” (director _ Aivazyan), “Confession” (S. Parajanov’s unfinished movie), “Postman” (director _ N. Jorjadze).

She has starred in the TV serial: “HTB Stalin Live,”

in the short film “The Cleft” (director _ Nino Basilaia).

She has narrated the following movies:

“Besame” (director _ Nino Akhvlediani), “Only Once and That in Sleep” (director _ Manana Anasashvili), “Rainbowmaker” (Director _ Nana Jorjadze).

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