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In one act

With English subtitles

About the performance: In an empty, locked house, a disabled blind Ham is spending his last days with his servant Clove, who does not even have time to sit down. Ham's legless parents – Nagg and Nell live in a trash can next to the wall. It was like the end of the world has come, like a terrible catastrophe destroyed everything. Only these four have survived - it is quite possible that they thought so. The "Endgame" interpreted by Robert Sturua is an apocalypse, the end of the world, a warning to humanity... In form it goes beyond monodrama, morality, carnival, interactivity, epic and non-epic, the theatrical language of Maestro himself. Sturua made the inspiring, hopeless, sense of infinity in the play even more accentuated. The feeling of the destruction, the apocalypse of the troubled world is even more obvious and horrible. The performance is dedicated to the memory of Gia Kancheli.