The Exception and the Rule

About the performance



"The Exception and the Rule"

In two acts

With English subtitles

  About the performance:

The play, written by Bertolt Brecht in 1930, perfectly reflects the problems of the modern world. Rustaveli National Theater presents its own version of Brecht's work.

Large lodes of oil have been discovered in the desert. Several expeditions are heading to mine the ore. Karl Langmann, the owner of the largest oil company, is participating in the marathon. He embarks on this difficult path together with a guide and a worker. In the desert, relations between the owner and workers are gradually aggravated.

Obsessed with suspicion and fear, Langmann first fires the guide to avoid an "impending conspiracy" and then, when they are alone in the face of a harsh desert, Langmann, lost, dehydrated and sun-scorched, kills the worker. A court is held. The widow demands punishment for her husband's murderer, but what will the judge decide? As the disorder is protected by the law.